what percentage of males own sex toys

1. Introduction

Sex toys have been around for centuries, but it wasn’t until recently that they became more widely accepted and popular among men. Today, sex toys are no longer a taboo subject and are becoming increasingly popular with men of all ages. But what percentage of males actually own sex toys? This article will explore the prevalence of sex toys among men, the types of sex toys available to them, and the reasons why they might purchase them.

2. Historical Context of Sex Toys

Sex toys have been around since ancient times, with evidence suggesting that some form of phallic objects were used as far back as 28,000 BC in Europe. In recent years, however, there has been an increase in the variety and availability of sex toys on the market. This is largely due to advances in technology and manufacturing processes which have allowed for more sophisticated and realistic designs to be created.

3. Types of Sex Toys

There are a wide variety of sex toys available for men today. These range from vibrators and dildos to penis pumps and prostate massagers. There are also a number of other products such as cock rings and masturbators that can be used to enhance sexual pleasure.

4. Reasons Why Men Buy Sex Toys

There are many reasons why men might choose to buy sex toys. For some men it may be a way to spice up their love life or add variety to their bedroom activities; for others it may be a way to explore their sexuality or experiment with new sensations; while for others still it may simply be a way to achieve sexual satisfaction without having to rely on another person or partner.

5. The Impact of Sex Toys on Sexual Satisfaction for Men

Studies have shown that using sex toys can significantly increase sexual satisfaction among men who use them regularly. This is because they can provide powerful stimulation which can result in stronger orgasms than those experienced through manual stimulation alone. Furthermore, using sex toys can also help reduce anxiety levels during sexual activity due to the sense of control they offer over one’s own pleasure and arousal levels.

6. How Common is it for Men to Own Sex Toys?

Research suggests that around 40% of American men own at least one type of sex toy, with the most popular being vibrators (19%), followed by dildos (14%) and cock rings (11%). Furthermore, around 15% of male respondents reported having purchased multiple types of sex toy in the past year alone, suggesting that there is an increasing acceptance among males towards purchasing these products for personal use or pleasure-seeking activities with partners or alone..

7 Factors that Influence the Percentage of Men Who Own Sex Toys


The percentage of males who own sex toys is likely influenced by several factors including age, gender identity/expression, relationship status/sexual orientation, cultural background/beliefs about sexuality as well as access to resources such as money or knowledge about these products and how they work etc..

8 Conclusion


In conclusion, there is an increasing acceptance towards owning and using sex toys among males today; however there remains significant variation between individuals depending on several factors such as age, gender identity/expression etc.. Overall though research suggests that around 40% percent American males now own at least one type of sex toy with vibrators being the most popular choice amongst them..

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