what is the percentage of men who have sex toys

1. Introduction

Sex toys are becoming increasingly popular among men, with more and more men turning to them to explore their sexuality and enhance their pleasure. But what is the exact percentage of men who have sex toys? In this article, we will explore this question in detail and look at the reasons why men use sex toys, the different types of sex toys available for men, the benefits of using sex toys for men, as well as safety considerations when using sex toys for men.

2. What Are Sex Toys?

Sex toys are objects or devices designed to provide sexual pleasure to an individual or couple. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used alone or with a partner. Popular examples include vibrators, dildos, anal beads, cock rings, prostate massagers and other novelty items.

3. How Many Men Use Sex Toys?

According to a survey conducted by The Kinsey Institute in 2018, about 25% of all sexually active American adults have used a sex toy at least once in their lifetime. This figure is slightly higher for men than women; around 28% of all sexually active American males have used a sex toy at least once in their lifetime compared to 22% of all sexually active American females.

4. Reasons Why Men Use Sex Toys

There are many reasons why men might choose to use sex toys. Some may be looking to explore new sensations or add variety to their sexual experiences; others may be looking for ways to increase pleasure during solo sessions or enhance intimacy with their partner(s). Whatever the reason may be, it’s important that everyone feels comfortable discussing their desires and exploring different options in order to make sure they’re getting the most out of their sexual experiences.

5. Popular Types of Sex Toys for Men

The most popular type of sex toy for men is a masturbator/stroker device which is designed to mimic the sensation of intercourse without any penetration taking place; these come in a variety of shapes and sizes from realistic-looking replicas through to pocket-sized devices that can easily fit into your pocket or bag when travelling. Other popular types include penis pumps (which help create stronger erections), penis rings (which help maintain an erection for longer) as well as anal plugs and beads which can help stimulate the sensitive nerve endings located around the anus area during solo play or partnered play alike.

6. Benefits of Using Sex Toys for Men

Using sex toys can provide numerous benefits both physically and mentally; from helping you become more familiar with your body’s responses through increasing sensitivity during playtime which can lead to heightened orgasms as well as providing an outlet for exploration without any pressure from a partner if desired so allowing you to experiment safely within your own comfort zone without worrying about judgement from another person..

7 Safety Considerations When Using Sex Toys For Men

When using any kind of sex toy it’s important that you take certain safety precautions such as using lubricant (especially when using anal plugs/beads) as well as cleaning your toy before and after every use with warm water and soap/sex toy cleaner – this will help prevent any infections or irritations developing due to bacteria build up on the surface.. It’s also important that you check over your toy before each use – if it looks worn out then it’s time for a replacement! Finally make sure that you store your toy away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures which could damage its material over time..

8 Conclusion: Percentage Of Men Who Have Sex Toys

To conclude, around 28% percent of all sexually active American males have used a sex toy at least once in their lifetime according to The Kinsey Institute’s survey from 2018 – this figure continues to grow year on year due largely in part due to increased awareness surrounding safe practices when using these kinds of products alongside improved access through online retailers etc.. Whether you’re looking for something new & exciting or just want some extra stimulation during solo sessions – there’s something out there waiting just right for everyone!

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