Sensuva Hybrid Personal Moisturizer – Cotton Candy 8 Fl. Oz. Bottle


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Sensuva`s Hybrid water-based personal moisturizer is soft to the touch and leaves skin feeling moisturized and silky smooth. Sensuva`s Hybrid Formula is the healthiest hybrid formula on the market. It is an exceptional water based formula blended with a small amount of medical-grade silicone to provide a longer lasting, sensual glide. It is thinner so you can feel the curves of your partner. The Hybrid Formula does not become sticky or tacky like typical water based personal moisturizers, and when it finally disappears, it leaves the skin feeling silky smooth and well hydrated. It is ideal for anyone who prefers the idea of using something gentle and soothing for delicate tissue, or for women going through menopause, and anyone who typically has allergies or sensitivities. 8.12 fl.oz (240 mL).


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