Recharcheable Smart Cyber Pump With Sleeve – Transparent



“Rechargeable Smart Cyber Pump with sleeve – Transparent. With just the touch of one button, this RECHARGEABLE SMART CYBER PUMP will take you through a complete smart cycle and record your max vacuum pressure at the same time ? allowing you to concentrate on enjoyable sensations. The super-soft masturbation sleeve magnifies the view of your penis for unmatched visual stimulation. The pump always creates a tight seal for comfortable but very effective suction! This high-tech pump is really easy to disassemble and clean. Standing 31 cm (12.2″”) tall and with a chamber that can hold a length of 20 cm (7.9″”) it revs up to an impressive 3700 RPM at a very low noise level of less than 55dB. The inner girth is 6.1 cm (2.4″”) so there always enough space to ?grow””. The built-in rechargeable battery needs 120 minutes for a full charge giving 110 minutes of extravagant playtime!. This pump is NOT waterproof. HOW TO USE Lubricate the sleeve of the cylinder and your penis with a water-based lubricant before use. DO NOT use silicone lubricants. If you feel uncomfortable with the vacuum at any time, release some of the vacuum through the vacuum release button. To achieve the best result, you can apply some efficient techniques: such as: alternating the vacuum from time to time or making stroking movements after erection. CHARGING LED light flashes while charging, and glows solid when fully charged.”


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