Glyde Slimfit Natural Flavored Stawberry Condom 4pk


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Sexy and sweet to satisfy your cravings GLYDE ULTRA (Standard fit) Organic Strawberry flavored condoms. When creating the world’s most delicious flavored condoms, we ignored cheap chemical concoctions and sourced the highest quality food-grade natural and organic fruit extracts available. No sugar added! GYDE ULTRA Organic Strawberry medium condoms are sized to fit most men, ultra-thin to maximize sensation, and made with our natural plant-based formula of natural rubber latex and thistle extract. Our ‘double-washing’ process eliminates the unpleasant latex taste and odor found with conventional brands. The first condom brand certified ethical, vegan & Fair Trade, GLYDE delivers exceptional performance and pleasure for both partners. You’ll both feel the difference. FLAVOR: STRAWBERRY@np2020-51


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