why do people think mens sex toys are weird

Why Do People Think Men’s Sex Toys Are Weird?


Sex toys have been around for centuries and have been used by both men and women for pleasure and self-exploration. But why do people think mens sex toys are weird? This article will explore the historical perspective of sex toys, how gender stereotypes and social norms influence our perceptions, the benefits of male sex toys, as well as their increasing popularity today.

Historical Perspective on Sex Toys

The use of sex toys dates back to ancient times. In Egypt, phallic symbols were used in fertility rituals; in India, dildos were made from clay; and in China, jade butt plugs were used to stimulate sexual pleasure. In the 19th century, rubber vulvas were sold as masturbation aids for men. Despite this long history of sex toy use among men and women alike, there is still a stigma attached to them today.

Gender Stereotypes & Social Norms

Gender stereotypes are often at the root of why people think mens sex toys are weird. Society has long held the belief that women should be sexually submissive while men should always be ready to perform sexually. This gender dichotomy has led to a perception that male sex toys are not “manly” or “masculine” enough for men to use. Furthermore, social norms dictate that it is more socially acceptable for a woman to own a vibrator than it is for a man to own a masturbator or prostate massager.

The Taboo of Male Sex Toys

The taboo surrounding male sex toys has been perpetuated by cultural beliefs about masculinity and sexuality. Many people view male masturbation as something shameful or embarrassing, which has led to an overall stigma against male sex toys. This stigma is further compounded by the fact that most mainstream stores do not carry products specifically designed for male pleasure, making it difficult for many men to find the right toy for them without feeling embarrassed or judged.

The Benefits of Male Sex Toys

Despite the stigma attached to them, there are many benefits associated with using male sex toys. For starters, they can provide intense stimulation that can help enhance sexual pleasure and performance during intercourse or solo play. Male sex toys can also help increase blood flow throughout the body which can lead to improved erections as well as increased stamina during intercourse. Additionally, they can be used as part of a couples’ playtime routine in order to add some excitement into their bedroom activities.

The Popularity of Male Sex Toys Today

In recent years there has been an increase in acceptance towards male sex toys with more companies manufacturing products specifically designed with male pleasure in mind such as penis rings and vibrators designed specifically for prostate stimulation. This shift in attitude towards these products has resulted in an increase in sales which suggests that more people are becoming comfortable with embracing their sexuality without feeling ashamed or embarrassed about it.


To conclude, there are many reasons why people think mens sex toys are weird including gender stereotypes and social norms that dictate what is seen as acceptable behavior when it comes to sexuality and pleasure-seeking activities like masturbation or using adult products like vibrators or other types of sexual aids.However, despite this stigma there are numerous benefits associated with using these products such as increased sexual pleasure and performance during intercourse or solo play as well as improved blood flow throughout the body leading to stronger erections and increased stamina during intercourse.As society continues its shift towards greater acceptance towards all forms of sexuality,we may soon see an even greater increase in sales of these products which would suggest that more people are becoming comfortable with embracing their sexuality without feeling ashamed or embarrassed about it.


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Q: Is using male sex toys safe?
A: Yes! As long as you follow instructions on how to use your particular product safely then you should be able enjoy your experience without any worries about safety issues arising from improper usage.