Luvli Ditto Wearable Couples Toy


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The new Luvli Ditto is the most comfortable and flexible hands-free wearable couples vibrator.The Luvli Ditto was built around a singular mission: enhancing pleasure for both partners while staying comfortably and perfectly in place. Mission very much accomplished.
Since Kama Sutra blew minds around 400 B.C., the innovations to sexual intercourse have been far and few between… Enter this brilliant little gadget.
The Luvli Ditto is 100% waterproof, USB chargeable and made of medical-grade silicone. No fumbling around with three different buttons– one easy-to-access button controls all 11 vibration modes.
How it`s worn: The larger, more bulbous end sits on the outside, providing clitoral stimulation through vibration. The thinner end goes inside (along with your partner`s penis/dildo), to deliver that G-spot stimulation.
For those looking for added convenience, the Luvli Ditto has a sister toy, the Luvli Ditto 2, which comes with a wireless remote control.
Vibration Modes: 11WaterproofRechargeable (USB charger included)Charge Time: ~2 hoursPlay Time: ~1 hourCompatibility: Works with all body types


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