Doxy Massager Rose Pattern


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Made in the UK, Doxy`s original massager is the genuine alternative to the legendary Sex and the City` neck massager.Whichever way you choose to use this powerful wand massager, the Doxy Original delivers intensely penetrating power, just where you need it.
Perfectly controlledTo reach just the right level, the Doxy Original features our customers` favorite controls, which allow you to step up the pace from a whispering 3,000 really pleasurable moments (rpms) to a deep baritone at 9,000 rpms. By just pressing and holding the power button for three seconds you can turn on the escalating pulse mode and your Doxy Original will do the rest.
Deep sensationWhile the powerful vibrations of the Doxy Original are completely under your control, they will always be stimulating your circulation and tantalizing your nerve endings.
Beautifully designedThe shapely Doxy Original body is designed to fit comfortably into your hands and is made from seriously tough stuff. This clever polymer is known for its impact resistance and won`t be affected by natural or man-made oils. The carefully cast 6cm metal head is enveloped in smooth medical quality silicone for the perfect finishing touch
Your safety is very important to usThe plug-top power supply allows only low voltage, direct current to enter the product, ensuring safe and hassle-free use worldwide. You won`t have to worry about your nearest power socket thanks to the generous 10ft cable.
Colors: Available in pink, black, purple, white, rose pattern


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