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Diskreet Vibe by Bellesa brings Bellesaandrsquo;s market leading vibration technology into its smallest, quietest and most discreet form factor. Aurora and Dea revolutionized vibrator accessibility – now the Diskreet Vibe does it again, but in an even more groundbreaking way (weandrsquo;re talking 3.5andrdquo; diameter groundbreaking).Do you want the pointy side or the squishy, flat side? Itandrsquo;s a choose-your-own-orgasm adventure that fits in your pocket.
The #1 thing people ask about at Bellesa Boutique: Discretion. Introducing the Diskreet Series. The Diskreet Vibe is Bellesaandrsquo;s strongest clit vibrator, but also its most discreet.
Whatandrsquo;s the only thing better than a strong and quiet clit vibrator? One that looks nothing like a vibrator at all. The Diskreet Vibe comes in a discreet (but cute as heck) clamshell carrying case that fits best next to the mirror on your vanity or the blush in your purse.
The innovations donandrsquo;t stop there. The Diskreet Vibe is 100% waterproof, charges magnetically via USB in its carrying case and is made using medical-grade silicone.
Carrying Case: 3.5 diameterVibration intensities: 5 (from beginner to black belt)Rechargeable (Charging Case and Mirco USB included)Waterproof (toy; not the case)Charge Time: 2 hoursPlay Time: 1.5 hours


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