how to use doc johnson sex toys

1. Introduction

Doc Johnson sex toys are some of the most popular and widely used products in the adult industry. From vibrators to dildos and anal plugs, these products offer a wide range of experiences and sensations for people looking to explore their sexuality. Doc Johnson is an American company that has been producing sex toys since 1976. They specialize in high-quality products that are designed to be both safe and pleasurable for all users. In this article, we will discuss the different types of Doc Johnson sex toys, their benefits, safety tips, how to use them, cleaning and maintenance tips, where to buy them, and more.

2. What Are Doc Johnson Sex Toys?

Doc Johnson sex toys are products designed for sexual pleasure that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These products can be used alone or with a partner to enhance sexual pleasure and exploration. They can also be used as part of BDSM play or other kinky activities. The company offers a wide range of products including dildos, vibrators, anal plugs, cock rings, strap-ons, masturbators and more.

3. Types of Doc Johnson Sex Toys

Doc Johnson offers a variety of different types of sex toys including:
• Dildos – These are phallic-shaped objects designed for penetration during solo or partner play. Dildos come in various shapes and sizes with some featuring ridges or bumps for extra stimulation.
• Vibrators – Vibrators are battery operated devices that provide vibration sensations during solo or partner play. They come in various shapes and sizes with some featuring multiple speeds or patterns for added stimulation options.
• Anal Plugs – Anal plugs are designed to be inserted into the anus during solo or partner play providing pleasurable sensations as well as helping relax the sphincter muscles which can make anal intercourse easier over time if used regularly.
• Cock Rings – Cock rings are worn around the base of the penis during solo or partner play providing extra stimulation as well as helping maintain an erection for longer periods of time if desired by the user(s).
• Strap-Ons – Strap-ons are harnesses that can be used with dildos during partner play allowing one person to penetrate another without having to use their hands (or penis).
• Masturbators – Masturbators are hand held devices that provide pleasurable sensations when stroked up and down on various parts of the body such as the penis or clitoris during solo play.

4. Benefits of Using Doc Johnson Sex Toys

Using Doc Johnson sex toys can provide many benefits including: • Increased pleasure – Whether you’re using them alone or with a partner, these products can help increase pleasure by providing new sensations not achievable through manual stimulation alone • Improved communication – Talking about your desires openly with your partner(s) can help build trust which is essential for any healthy relationship • Enhanced intimacy – Sharing intimate moments together while exploring different types of sexual pleasure can help bring couples closer together • Improved self-confidence – Exploring your sexuality through different forms such as using sex toys can help improve self-esteem by allowing you to feel comfortable in your own skin

5 Safety Tips for Using Doc Johnson Sex Toys

When using any type of sex toy it’s important to keep safety in mind at all times: • Use lubricant – Lubricant helps reduce friction between skin surfaces making it easier (and more enjoyable) to insert any type of toy into sensitive areas such as the anus • Keep it clean – Before using any type of toy make sure it has been washed thoroughly with warm water (and soap if necessary) before use • Discard after use – If you plan on sharing any type of toy make sure you discard it after each use (or cover it with a condom if sharing between partners) • Check materials – Make sure you check what material your toy is made from before purchasing/using it; some materials may cause irritation if they come into contact with certain body parts

6 How To Use Different Types Of Doc Johnson Sex Toys

Each type of Doc Johnson sex toy should be used differently depending on its design but here’s some general tips on how they should be used: • Dildos – Apply lubricant liberally before insertion then gently slide it into desired area until desired depth is achieved; move slowly at first then increase speed/depth as desired • Vibrators – Turn on device then apply lubricant liberally before insertion; adjust speed/pattern settings until desired intensity is achieved; move slowly at first then increase speed/depth as desired • Anal Plugs – Apply lubricant liberally before insertion; start off small then gradually increase size until desired depth is achieved; move slowly at first then increase speed/depth as desired

7 Cleaning And Maintenance Of Doc Johnson Sex Toys

Cleaning and maintaining your Doc Johnson sex toys is important not only from a hygiene perspective but also from an overall safety perspective too: • Washing After Use – After each use make sure you wash your toy thoroughly using warm water (and soap if necessary); this will help remove any bacteria that may have accumulated during use • Storage Tips – Store your toy away from direct sunlight (in a cool dry place); this will help extend its life span significantly

8 Where To Buy Doc Johnson Sex Toys?

Doc johnson sex toys can be purchased online from various retailers such as LoveHoney, Adam & Eve,SheVibe,PeepshowToys,GoodVibes,etc., or offline from local adult stores near you!

9 Conclusion

In conclusion, doc johnson sex toys offer a great way to explore one’s sexuality safely while still enjoying pleasurable experiences either alone or with a partner(s). With so many different types available there’s something out there suitable for everyone so why not give them try today!