how many people really have sex toys

1. Introduction

Sex toys are becoming increasingly popular and mainstream, with many people now owning one or more items. But how many people really have sex toys? In this article, we will explore the history of sex toys, the reasons why people use them, how popular they are, who uses them, the benefits of using them, the common types of sex toys and some safety tips when using them.

2. History of Sex Toys

The history of sex toys dates back thousands of years to ancient civilizations where phallic-shaped objects were used for sexual pleasure. The modern version of sex toys became popular in the 1800s when rubber was invented and used to make dildos. Since then, there has been a surge in the production and use of sex toys with more varieties being developed every day.

3. Reasons Why People Use Sex Toys

People use sex toys for a variety of reasons including enhancing their sexual pleasure and satisfaction, exploring new ways to experience pleasure, providing stimulation for those who have difficulty reaching orgasm and as a form of self-care for those who want to take better care of their bodies and minds.

4. How Popular Are Sex Toys?

Sex toys are becoming increasingly popular as more people become aware of their benefits. According to a survey conducted by Zumiez in 2019, 25% of adults aged 18-44 reported that they own at least one type of sex toy while another 17% said they would consider buying one in the future. This shows that there is an increasing acceptance and demand for these products which is likely to continue growing in the future.

5. Who Uses Sex Toys?

Sex toys are not just used by individuals but also couples who want to add something extra to their love lives. According to research conducted by Zumiez in 2020, 40% of couples reported using some type of sex toy together at least once a month while another 15% said they use them weekly or even daily! This shows that both individuals and couples are taking advantage of these products to enhance their sexual experiences and pleasure levels.

6 Benefits Of Using Sex Toys

Using sex toys can provide numerous benefits including increased pleasure during solo or partner play as well as improved mental health due to increased relaxation from orgasms achieved through masturbation or intercourse with a partner using a vibrator or other device. Additionally, many people find that incorporating different types and styles into their playtime can spice up their relationship or reignite lost sparks between partners!

7 Common Types Of Sex Toys

There is an incredible variety when it comes to types and styles available on the market today ranging from vibrators and dildos designed specifically for women’s pleasure all the way through anal beads and cock rings designed specifically for men’s pleasure! The most common types include vibrators (internal or external), dildos (realistic or abstract), butt plugs (for anal stimulation), cock rings (for erectile dysfunction) as well as lubricants (water-based or silicone-based).

8 Safety Tips When Using Sex Toys

When it comes to safety tips when using sex toys there are several things you should keep in mind such as always washing your hands before handling any toy; using condoms over any insertable toy; cleaning your toy after each use; never sharing your toy with anyone else; storing your toy away from direct sunlight; reading the instructions carefully before using any new device; avoiding any sharp edges on metal or glass devices; never submerging any motorized device underwater; avoiding contact with eyes during playtime; never inserting anything into your anus without lubricant first; ensuring all batteries are removed before cleaning any battery operated device etc…

9 Conclusion

In conclusion, it is clear that there is an increasing acceptance and demand for sex toys with more people now owning one or more items than ever before! It is important however that users exercise caution when handling these devices by following safety tips such as washing hands before handling any toy; never sharing your toy with anyone else etc… With this information in mind we hope you can enjoy exploring new ways to experience sexual pleasure!