how are women inserting long sex toys inside of them

1. Introduction

Long sex toys are becoming increasingly popular among women, as they provide a variety of sexual stimulation and pleasure. Whether you’re new to using sex toys or an experienced user, it’s important to understand the basics of inserting long sex toys. This article will explain the different types of long sex toys available, how to properly prepare for insertion, and tips for successful insertion.

2. What are Long Sex Toys?

Long sex toys are any type of sex toy that is longer than average in size. They can range from small dildos to large vibrators and even anal beads. These types of sex toys can be used for both vaginal and anal stimulation and can provide intense pleasure for users.

3. Benefits of Using Long Sex Toys

Using a long sex toy can provide a variety of benefits for users, including increased pleasure and arousal as well as improved sexual confidence. Longer length toys allow users to reach deeper areas that may not be accessible with shorter toys, providing even more intense sensations. Additionally, some long sex toys come with multiple speeds or vibration settings which can help further enhance pleasure during use.

4. Different Types of Long Sex Toys

When it comes to choosing a long sex toy, there are many different types available on the market today. Some popular choices include vibrators, dildos, anal beads, strap-ons, and butt plugs. Each type offers its own unique features and benefits so it’s important to research each type before making your purchase in order to find the best fit for your needs.

5. Preparing to Insert a Long Sex Toy

Before inserting a long sex toy into your body it’s important to make sure you’re properly prepared both mentally and physically in order to ensure safe and pleasurable use every time you use it. First off make sure that you select the right size toy for your body – if it’s too big then it could cause discomfort or pain during insertion or use so make sure you read product descriptions carefully before making your purchase! Additionally make sure that you have plenty of lubricant on hand as this will help make insertion much easier and more comfortable as well as reduce friction during use which could cause irritation or discomfort if not properly lubricated beforehand!

6 Steps for Inserting a Long Sex Toy

Once you have selected the right size toy and have enough lubricant on hand then it’s time to begin the process of inserting your long sex toy:

Step 1: Start by getting yourself into a comfortable position – this could be lying down on your back with legs spread wide apart or sitting up with legs slightly bent at the knees depending on what feels most comfortable for you personally!

Step 2: Apply plenty of lubricant onto both yourself (wherever the toy will be inserted) as well as onto the toy itself – this will help reduce friction during insertion which could otherwise cause discomfort or pain!

Step 3: Slowly start inserting the tip/head/bulbous part of the toy into yourself – go slowly at first until you get used to feeling it inside before gradually pushing further inwards until desired depth is reached!

Step 4: Once desired depth has been reached then begin moving/rotating/twisting/etc whatever feels good/pleasurable while keeping pressure applied downwards towards base/handle end – doing this helps stimulate internal walls & increase pleasure sensations!

Step 5: When finished remove slowly & carefully – if there is any resistance when removing then apply more lube & try again until successful removal has been achieved!

Step 6: Clean & store away correctly after each use – cleaning helps prevent bacterial growth & storing away correctly ensures longevity & keeps dust away from sensitive areas!

7 Tips For Inserting A Long Sex Toy

Inserting a long sex toy doesn’t have to be intimidating – here are some tips that will help ensure pleasurable experiences every time:

Tip 1: Make sure that you relax before beginning – taking deep breaths helps relax muscles which makes insertion easier & less painful!
Tip 2: Go slow – rushing through insertion can lead to discomfort so take your time & enjoy every step along the way!
Tip 3: Use plenty of lube – this reduces friction between skin & toy which makes insertion much smoother & more enjoyable overall!
Tip 4: Experiment with different positions – some people find certain positions more comfortable than others so try out different ones until finding one that works best for you personally!
Tip 5: Don’t forget about foreplay – having an aroused body makes insertion much easier so don’t forget about foreplay beforehand if possible!
Tip 6: Be gentle – applying too much pressure when pushing inwards can cause pain so start off slow & gradually increase speed once comfortable with sensation being felt inside body!
Tip 7: Listen To Your Body – if something doesn’t feel right then stop immediately & reassess situation before continuing onwards again – safety always comes first when using any kind of sexual aid like these ones here today so keep that in mind at all times please!!

8 Cleaning And Storing A Long Sex Toy

After each use it’s important to clean and store away your long sex toy correctly in order maintain proper hygiene levels throughout its lifespan.To clean simply wash with warm water + soap solution,rinse thoroughly,pat dry,then store away in cool place.Make sure not leave lying around where dust particles could settle on surface causing irritation next time used.Additionally,avoid sharing between partners unless condoms used each time (or cleaned thoroughly between uses )!Finally,check manufacturer’s instructions prior disposing item once no longer needed.Doing these steps will help ensure safe + healthy experiences each time using such products!

9 Conclusion

> Inserting a long sex toy into yourself can seem daunting but with proper preparation,understanding,+ patience anyone can do so safely + pleasurably!This article provides information regarding what these items are,their benefits,different types available,how prepare prior insertion,steps involved during process itself,tips maximize enjoyment levels gained from them plus cleaning + storing guidelines afterwards!Hopefully readers now feel better equipped handle such tasks themselves without worrying too much about potential risks associated!